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Yorkie Puppies For Sale. The Yorkshire Terrier is a bright, inquisitive dog. From an early age, they’re keen to explore their surroundings. Yorkie puppies for sale near me. Steward yorkies have been breeding healthy, happy Yorkshire Terriers for many years in USA. Yorkies shed lightly, making them a good choice for those who suffer from allergies. Yorkie puppy for sale. They require less exercise than many other breeds, making them ideal for older people, or those who do not have the time to take them for exercise multiple times a day. Yorkie puppy for sale near me. Yorkies love their home comforts and are never happier than when they’re curled up on their owner’s lap, or on a pillow. Teacup yorkie puppies for sale. They’re also known for their loyalty and will often announce strangers by barking! The Yorkie is a little more difficult to house train than other breeds. To combat this problem, you may consider using a litter box. Over the years we have used many of the best show dogs in the country. Yorkie pup for sale. In the early days we used Les Griffiths Beechrise dogs then later we have used the very famous OZMILION Lines. Yorkshire Terrier For Sale. If you think you could offer a good home to a Yorkie, why not get in touch with Steward yorkies to arrange a visit to the farm?.Yorkshire terrier for sale near me. A Yorkshire Terrier will become it’s very best self with love, affection and attention to play, from it’s very favorite people!

Our Yorkshire Terriers have very impressive International Champion & AKC Champion Show Dog lineage, in some cases both parents AND Grandparents and continued generations back. But MOST importantly, the health & temperament of our Yorkies is just wonderful! All my Yorkies are AKC Registered parents and pups can also be registered with the AKC!

Our breeding program and kennels are based over in USA where we have access to some of the best bloodlines around today we have imported dogs from around the world to add certain types and characteristics into our breeding program sticking with the traditional and rustic look and personality of the old British Yorkie.

Yorkie puppies for sale

We have been breeding with yorkies since 2006. Each one is a unique gift with an amazing personality. I cannot imagine our lives without them, since they fulfill so many special moments. Our yorkies have hearts of gold and are fearless. They are the ultimate protectors, yet the biggest bundles of love and affection. Not all of them are used for breeding purposes. We hand deliver our pups and pride ourselves in taking special care of the newborns, until they go to their new homes. I am registered with KUSA for traditional yorkies and registered for Exotics. We are based in USA.